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OGL3.3 vs OGL2.0 engine
(2017-01-10, 14:51)Philippe Hurbain Wrote:
(2016-12-31, 13:40)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Thanks Nils, seems to work fine now (I mean, Ogl3.3)!
Actually, after more usage, I reverted to the old render engine. As editing time (or model complexity) increases my machine again got slower and slower (even outside LDPE).

Okay... I suspect a "memory leak" (some objects are not disposed by the garbage collector).
From time to time, I run some test to compare the old implementation with the new one.
The new one has much higher framerates, but also consumes alot more memory and nearly twice as much CPU time.
There is still some room for improvements Smile
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