lpub3d with povray not working

RE: lpub3d with povray not working
(2016-10-19, 14:17)linghank Wrote: lpub3d version LPub3D_x32-
pov ray version 3.7
ldraw    version LDraw  All-In-One-Installer 2015-02 
PC system :win7
i use lpub3d open ldr file ,lpub3d with povray only have the part list no instruction。
i follow this page http://forums.ldraw.org/thread-21309.html step by step to setting 。
Please help me to solve this problem。


I didn't even get the part list to render using default settings.

Had to change the ldraw root dir

I also had to disable pov-ray's io-restrictions (povray won't write outside the main pov's file by default) too

After that it worked. (you might need to also delete the tmp 'lpub3d' folder in the main models location as it cached some wrong data).
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