New Parts for LGEO Library

RE: New Parts for LGEO Library
(2020-10-11, 1:19)Damien Roux Wrote: Hi all.

It's been some time now that I didn't put some time in this LGEO library...
I'm thinking about getting into it again, to maybe finally finilize it to allow an integration to the AIOI.

But before, I'd like to know if there are still some people that would be interested in it. Is PovRay still used? Would it worth the effort?

Yes, would love to see this kept up-to-date =)
RE: New Parts for LGEO Library
(2021-03-22, 14:23)Thomas Dickerson Wrote: Yes, would love to see this kept up-to-date =)

I was working on a script to standardize the different POV-Ray parts libraries and allow people to easily switch back and forth between them. I was waiting on some info from Damien which caused me to have to stop. But it's been 2+ years and I can't remember what that info was, or what stage I reached in the process of creating these scripts. When you become older your memory gets shoddy. Don't trust any old person who says this doesn't happen. Wink
RE: New Parts for LGEO Library
Hi all.

After almost 2 years away from the community, I think I am regaining interest on ldraw...
My main goal would be to finalize this LGEO library to make it work smoothly and allow it to be part of the AIOI (I know I've already said that numerous times...).

I don't know if PovRay is still a prefered way of rendering Ldraw sets, but as I've seen a few posts about it on the forum, it might worth the effort. Especially knowing the countless hours I've put into this library without finilizing the stuff.

Anyway, I will need a few weeks to get back in, as I haven't lauch any ldraw related software since 2 years.

@Michael, if you see this, I don't remember either what info I was supposed to give you.
If you are still into it, why not discussing together about it.
RE: New Parts for LGEO Library
I'm waiting for new pov-ray files.
I'm still using POV-Ray to render.
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