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I actually started to doubt that too yesterday. It suddenly dawned on me that 'Offical' in OMR can mean 2 things:
- It can mean that the specification is about 'Offical LEGO sets'.
- It can mean that the repository is 'Official' as in managed by LDraw.org itself.

I'm not sure which one it actually is, but I think it's the first one. In that case calling it OMR is of course not correct. Any suggestions? Smile
I would prefer a generated image from the ldraw file as well. So the user would have an uniform preview of the file.

Mike started his own OMR a couple of years ago, but somehow this project died(?).
Anyway this was seen as a catalogue for official LEGO sets.

Thanks for mention my personal OMR. Smile

I had done it in the way we are now talking about. Instead of a cms system I created my own pages by an application I wrote.

But It was still too much work for only one guy. So it is not dead, but also not really alive Smile.
How about "LDraw COOL Sets", the LDraw catalog of official LEGO sets?
Too cheesy? Juvenile?
Sounds fun, but I think it'll create a lot of confusion when you see that name for the first time Wink
Sure there are. Most models in the forums: http://forums.ldraw.org/showthread.php?t...4#pid18214 or at eurobricks http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.ph...opic=48285 come with a rendering of the content.

Here is a very simple way to render them effortlessly.

Oh, like that. Well, I don't see any reason to not include it, but I'm not too sure how to make do that automaticly. I'll take a look into it.

Instead of images, we can also use a browser-based viewer, like this one. But, I don't know how well that works...
Why not help reduce the work needed by an Admin and share the responsibility out more - require that a user submitting an .mpd also include at the very least a suitable screenshot according to some minimum resolution specification or other rules.
If you mean this "Chris", then I have not done anything tangible to provide an OMR website. There is quite a lot I have on my 'to do' list to add functionality to the Parts Tracker, and there is a Parts Requestor in 'development limbo'. After a major downtime to move house, I am hoping that I will have more time for LDraw development this winter.

I do think an OMR should have an equivalent submission, review and certification process to parts, however an 'official(1) model tracker' wouldn't need to be tightly linked to an 'official(1) model display' website.

We have a well integrated user management system at present with the Forum being the primary register of LDraw users. This has a group membership functionality, and the Parts Tracker checks appropriate group membership for parts submission and review authentication. I suggest that we would want OMR submitters to be members of the LDraw community (i.e have a forum account), and that we only grant membership of an 'OMR submit' group on receipt of confirmation of shareability rights (equivalent to the LDraw Parts Contributor Agreement). Forum admins have the ability to add users to groups. Although we may not stay with Phorum forever, any replacement would need to have equivalent functionaility, and I would prefer that OMR management is integrated into the same authentication framework.

(1) official in the sense of an official LEGO model
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