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Hello everyone,

First off, I wasn't exactly sure in which subforum to post this, so I just placed it in general. I hope that's no problem.

Anyway, as the title already says, I wanted to talk about a website for the LDraw OMR sets. I'm the 'indexer'/'maintainer' of the huge list of user-submitted LDraw models at EuroBricks. I also was the one that started submitting LDraw files from EuroBricks onto Brickset. Due to reasons (which I won't include here now) the Brickset uploading stopped a while ago (for now at least).

And in between all of that and more, is the 'LDraw OMR'. A specification that a lot of people like, but the repository itself doesn't really exist. That's been bothering me since I started using LDraw years ago: everyone keeps talking about this 'Offical Model Repository', but it's nowhere to be found (easily at least). I'd like to change that. I was thinking about a little website which collects all those OMR files and makes it easy for the user to search for the file they'd like to download.

In fact, this morning I already made a prototype website. A little while ago I started experimenting with Python and a web-framework called Django (in my little experience, it's an amazing framework btw) and I saw this as a great oppurtunity to experiment and learn some more.

Well, prototype, it's actually already a fully working website which is just missing a bunch of features and content (and isn't hosted anywhere). As I said before, it's made in python using a framework called Django and it uses a sqllite database. It's fully functional; it has an admin-interface to add files and sets to the database. The only major feature that's missing is a search and listing of all available files. But those things are very easy to add. I just haven't done it yet.

You can view some images of what I have so far, here.

So, I was wondering what you guys think about this? Is this a good idea? Would it be better to be a standalone website or a subdomain at ldraw.org? Also, I have completely 0 experience with hosting anything, let alone a python application... Anyone who has more experience with that?

And, lastly: if this text is kind of vague or has no structure at all: I'm sorry, my writing skills were always very bad :|

Have a nice day! Smile
Looks like a good idea! (but maybe I'm biased because you choose one of my models for the example...) This should indeed offer more visibility to the OMR that is lacking a lot. I guess it should be hosted at ldraw.org?
Thanks! I just used your model, because it was an OMR model and it was one of the first ones I came across when searching for a file to test with.

As said before, I have no experience at all with hosting. Would it even be possible (with the current servers/setup) to run a python website (at for example omr.ldraw.org)?
Yes. I can't give you access to the main LDraw server but I can setup a sub domain and give you and account on my server where the forums and wiki are hosted.
Well, that would be nice. Still, I don't really know how to deploy a website and things like that, but having a server is of course a big step forward Wink.

So, should I continue to finish (a first version of) this website? Does anyone maybe have any feature-ideas that would be nice to include?
I like that idea a lot.
As we have several models with b-set and c-sets, I would vote for a structure that will bring the main model and b model within the same site.
Something like:
Main site
*Model number
**Model a
**Model b
would be the best in my eyes.

Furthermore the models should get tags for it's theme and year.

And another thing: How do we do the quality control for such an mpd-file?

There is already a basic structure in my prototype for handling multiple models from 1 set. You can see in the first image that the table includes a column "Submodel" which can be used for naming for example a B model. However, I think I'm going to change the database a little to be able to mark the 'Main' model of a set, the one that's on the front of the box. And, a extra textbox to name the other models from the same set. That way it's easier to filter and I think it's also less vague.

There are also already theme and year 'tags' included. I was not planning to make a detailed set database, there are already other websites for that (and that's also why a set page has a link to Brickset for more info). However, a little set information for easy filtering on the website itself is nice, that's why I included set number, name, theme and year.

Regarding quality-control: at the moment, I wasn't really planning to let users upload files themselves. Because, as you say, it's difficult to check for quality that way. At first, I think it's best to have a few admins that upload files that users submitted here in the forum. That might just work fine even after the first version, I mean, it's not a huge amount of sets. Once you've added the current OMR sets, it might be a few a week right?


This morning, I also made some progress. I've started working on a simple filtering/search. I've also included a 'numbertrail' (for example 42044-1 instead of 42044) to handle different sets with the same set number. And, I've made some misc. changes. It's not a difficult website by far (I'm just relatively new to Django), so I think I might have a 'complete' version next week or maybe even this week Smile
You wrote exactly what I had in my mind. :-)
We don't need another web catalogue for all sets, it should be just a database to get the mpd-files of several models. And the only reason for adding some tags should be an easier user search.
I'm not sure how far Chris prepared something for the OMR. I would really like to see some thoughts of Chris, before we really start with this project...

Chris was (also) making something for the OMR? Or are you just wonderif if he was also making something for the OMR?
Anyway, anyone who could point Chris in this direction? Wink
For your information: I have a pretty much complete and working website now. It just needs some polishing here and there, but other than that it just needs some hosting Wink
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