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Do you make some tests on the files that are supplied?

Are you able to use MPDCenter as commandline tool?

If you mean that the website automaticly checks if the submitted file is OMR compliant: no, it doesn't. I'm not exactly sure how to implement that either. But, how it is now, is that there are a few people (although, at the moment it's only me of course) who can login to the admin-interface and add files submitted through the forum or something like that. There isn't a way for users themselves to add files. I could do that of course, but then again you need someone who checks if the files are correct.

What exactly did you have in mind?
Ok. I can get the space setup this week.
Yes, I have in mind that anybody (who is registered) is able to upload OMR conform files.
But for that case there needs to be a script (or application) that just do some checks and if that is not what we are looking for, we keep the upload, but marked as not OMR conform. If it has passed the checks with no faults, it is marked as OMR conform and after that a human being needs to check the file visually. After that check the file is marked as complete ok.

The checks that can be made are already integrated in MPDCenter. So I thought it would be easier for you to use that tool instead of coding all from the start.
Here are some more screenshots of how it is now.
I had a look at the pictures and would like to voice some opinions.

".. find LDraw files of official models released by LEGO" should be changed to not include the word "official". It is in my mind misleading.
".. find LDraw files of sets released by LEGO" would be better.
None of the OMR files are today "official". No file should become "official" without a review process.
Please keep in mind that the files beeing OMR compliant doesn't make them correct.

The word "submodel" is not correct in this context. Please don't use it.
To me there is also a big difference between "submodel" and "sub model".
A "submodel" is a smaller section of a bigger model.
A "sub model" is a complete model included in a set of models in a set. Like one of the cars in Flo's V8 Cafe.
"B-model" or "Alternate model" is better.

I don't like the combined names of the Author/username. I think it should be exactly the same as the Author line in the files.
Real name, followed by the username in hard brackets.

I think you should have some sort of status indicator in this repository.
Unofficial models may contain unofficial parts and assembly errors, but must be OMR compliant.
Offical models are reviewed and doesn't contain neither unofficial parts nor assembly errors.
The Thumbnail of the set should IMHO be a some sort of standardized render - (automatically generated by the system) or you'll end up with official pics, mixed with POVrays, Blenders, ...

Why is it called OMR?
Isn't this actually a Unofficial model repository of official LEGO sets?
1) I think there's a bit of miscommunication. Yes, you are right a about the fact that 'official' might be misleading.

Quote:"Please keep in mind that the files beeing OMR compliant doesn't make them correct."
But this is not completely true. There is actually some kind of 'review proces'. As the website is now, only admins can log in and add/edit the LDraw files. Users themselves cannot upload files themselves. I think we should decide if we want to allow that or not (or maybe at a later stage). I personally think the admin-only approach is fine. Having users upload files themselves can attract trolls or just very bad LDraw files. Even if we would check if the file is OMR compliant doesn't say anything about the actual content of the file. It can be a mess of parts. And since it's not a huge workload to add maybe a few sets per week, I think a few admins can handle that (I can even do it on my own if needed). But, it seems the opinions are divided.

2) You're completely right. When making the page I couldn't come up with the right word Wink, so I just used submodel. But, indeed, it should be alternate.

3) That's a nice suggestion and easy to change.

4) Well, this is actually a bit the same as at number 1: do we allow users submitting files or not? If yes, you should indeed have a indication if the model is checked or not. But, again, the opinions about user-content seem to be divided.
The thumbnail? You mean the image of the set?
I don't see why that should be generated. It isn't an image of the LDraw file but and image of the LEGO set. There are no images of the LDraw files anywhere.
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