Legends of Chima

Legends of Chima
Hi folks,

Has anyone started putting together parts for the Legends of Chima sets? I read somewhere there are 30+ new components/parts that were created for the Chima sets. How will we ever keep up?!

Bye for now

Re: Legends of Chima
Hey Reuben,

many of the parts you mentioned are available in the Lego Digital Designer (LDD), I think. It is possible to convert them to LDraw:

11129.dat - Minifig Headgear Mask Lion
11233.dat - Minifig Headgear Mask Wolf
12549.dat - Minifig Headgear Mask Eagle
12550.dat - Minifig Headgear Mask Raven
12551.dat - Minifig Headgear Mask Crocodile

But they need to be cleaned before they are worth it to get on the parts tracker. Currently, I do not think that the community has the capacity to keep up with LEGO. Many of the new parts are quite complicated. I can also imagine, that some of the part authors do not like to use data from the LDD.


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