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Full Version: Legends of Chima
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Hi folks,

Has anyone started putting together parts for the Legends of Chima sets? I read somewhere there are 30+ new components/parts that were created for the Chima sets. How will we ever keep up?!

Bye for now

Hey Reuben,

many of the parts you mentioned are available in the Lego Digital Designer (LDD), I think. It is possible to convert them to LDraw:

11129.dat - Minifig Headgear Mask Lion
11233.dat - Minifig Headgear Mask Wolf
12549.dat - Minifig Headgear Mask Eagle
12550.dat - Minifig Headgear Mask Raven
12551.dat - Minifig Headgear Mask Crocodile

But they need to be cleaned before they are worth it to get on the parts tracker. Currently, I do not think that the community has the capacity to keep up with LEGO. Many of the new parts are quite complicated. I can also imagine, that some of the part authors do not like to use data from the LDD.