LDPatternCreator - Release 1.4.5

LDPatternCreator - Release 1.4.5

Here is the stable and hopefully bug-free LPC 1.4.5.

Please uninstall older versions of this software before installing a new version.
Your configuration won't be deleted if you have already version greater than 1.3.1 installed on your machine.

Change log:

New features:
  • The toolbar contains more icons.
Fixed bugs from 1.4.4 and older:
  • It is possible to modify primitives when the triangle mode is activated.

(see full list of tickets for 1.4.5)

I included a short readme.htm in the installation directory.

Cheers & Leg Godt

Projection bug found
edit: My concerns were allayed... Wink
Re: Projection bug found - Solution is possible
After some research, it is possible to fix this issue without any data loss.. My warning is now obsolete.
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