Have any giant POV files you want rendered?

Have any giant POV files you want rendered?
I'm currently doing research in distributed raytracing on HPC clusters using a self-modified version of pov-ray inspired by (but not at all derived from) the now dead MPI-POV. There's certainly no shortage of computationally intensive things to do in POV-Ray, but I was wondering if any of you had anything giant you wanted rendered.

Datsville, the largest ldraw model I am aware of, took just over 3 seconds to render (not counting parsing time, and there was no photon mapping to be done) at full quality (l3p -q4) at my native background resolution (1440x900), and it's pretty borring to shave milliseconds instead of hours off render time, especially when the bulk of the time was spent parsing the scene (60 something seconds).

If nobody has anything, I'm probably going to end up sticking to non-LDraw-origin scenes, as much more can be done with pov-ray than what the various ldraw->povray exporters are capable of, but I figured I'd ask. It doesn't even need to be LDraw related, but does anyone have something cool they want rendered? Possibly at some massive resolution, and/or an animation of the camera flying through the model, etc.

I can certainly write something my self that takes forever to render, but since lots of wall time is going to be spent rendering things anyway, I figured I might as well ask if somebody has something worthwhile.

The only thing I ask is that I be granted permission to include the media produced in any relevant publications (think academic paper, etc.).
Re: Have any giant POV files you want rendered?
Are you still doing this?
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