What Happened?!?!?!?

What Happened?!?!?!?
I just installed LDraw, and am new to it. Everything downloaded fine, and all was well until I tried to put shortcuts onto another account (I did not want to put them on all profiles, this is my family computer). I coped them onto the other account, and everything crashed. All of the LDraw stuff is not where I installed it, and for that matter, GONE! Where did it go, how can I get it back, and why did it do this? IT would really help to know this. Thanks
Re: What Happened?!?!?!?
Gabe, the information you supply is not sufficient to help you.
You should include information about which operating system you're using,
and what you mean by "shortcut": did you create lots of shortcuts for each invididual LDRAW file?
Or just one or more folders? Which ones? Where did you install the stuff to?
Where did you want to move it?
If you provide this info and describe the steps you took, you have a better chance to get helped.
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