Lpub always crashes

Lpub always crashes
I have made a model in Ldraw. It has 4950 parts, about 200 submodels, 260 steps and some Templates. First time I tried to open it in Lpub. It opens and generates 3740 pages, every single step on a separate page. When I tried to modify the size of the model and partlist images, it crashes without any notice. I have read some posts to solve the problem on my own, made some changes in the setup. Now it doesn't open the model any more, it crashes without opening the data. First question is how to restore the defaults and second question is how to open the model with reduced image sizes? Is there a way to force it placing 3 or more steps on one page to reduce the page number?
RE: Lpub always crashes

What SW do you use? LPUB odr LPUB3D?

Here is a nice manual for LPUB3D, by Jaco: https://sites.google.com/view/workingwit...d/homepage

LPub always starts with a step per page, so it is quite time consuming to make it smaller, Also when submodels are moved to call.outs etc the number of pages rapidly shrinks.

So I would take the original file and start moving steps onto the same pagesĀ  and converting submodels into call-outs


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