Any iOS apps out there?

Any iOS apps out there?
Guys, I'm in trouble. I fired up LDCad while my son was playing with his real LEGO, and showed him how I could build the same minifigs. Now all he wants to do is build an entire Minecraft world in LDraw instead of his actual bricks!

Problem is, he doesn't quite know how to work a real computer (he's 5), and besides, to do what he wants would require him to take over my computer for hours and days and months on end and I'll never be able to play myself get any work done. Cry But he does have an old iPad, and I know there have been a couple of different LDraw apps for iOS over the years. Question is, are any of them still available/maintained? They don't even have to be up-to-date for the latest version; in fact it's probably better if they're a little obsolete. :-)

RE: Any iOS apps out there?
It sounds like you've got a little LEGO enthusiast on your hands, which is awesome! I can totally understand the dilemma of sharing the computer with a budding builder. 😅
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