Linux LeoCAD completely blank, no visible objects at all

LeoCAD completely blank, no visible objects at all
Hello o/

I'm new to the forum so first of all thanks for the effort around it. I really appreciate all of your time and effort.

I am running LeoCAD on a armhf machine (Ubuntu focal) and have even suceeded compiling it myself through git.

However, when I try to run it, it is plain white. I cannot see a brick on the project. Nor even the "mesh" is visible. Has anyone experienced something similar?

This is what my screen look like:[Image: 592331995_Capturadetela_2021-09-17_01-10...3f1893.png]

And this is my terminal info about the package and its dependencies!
[Image: 573839915_Capturadetela_2021-09-17_01-11...f35c24.png]

Thanks a lot!
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