LDCad Model is too large for 3D programs to render videos

Model is too large for 3D programs to render videos
I have built a very large model which I currently have saved as Ldraw files.  This is a model consisting of over 157,000 pieces. I have attached a few still images to give you the sense of how large this model is.  The model is of a town I grew up in and my dream and end goal was to produce a video flyover that looks like a realistic lego model so I can share it on social media.  The problem is that coming in at 157,000 parts, it is just too large for 3D programs to handle and render 3D video. I have tried outsourcing the project to a skilled 3D artist and after a week of trying he admitted defeat and said even though he has a top-end system, the 157,000 pieces was too much.  He said the only solution he can think of is to combine many of the individual legos into solid pieces to reduce the complexity of the file. I don’t know if that is even possible.  I am currently opening the files with LeoCad which allows me to render them as 3DS or DAE file (however, since the model is so large I have to separate it in 4 sections to render it then put the sections back together after it is rendered) 

If there is anyone out there that has advice, either combining legos or rendering enormous files into video via other routes I would be very grateful.  This project has been shelved for two years because this problem proven so difficult. I am willing to pay for professional services to make this happen.  If you would like me to upload the files just let me know.

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RE: Model is too large for 3D programs to render videos

Make a search in the forum for "Datsville". Similar situation. Maybe you might find some ideas.
RE: Model is too large for 3D programs to render videos
As you are using LDCad you could try its povray export.

You would have to script the wanted camera movement using lua though.

POV-Ray should be able to render the movie (could take days) given there is enough memory (using a swap file if you run out, but will that will be much slower).

Awhile back I made an example of a walk trough script here:

Alternative is to use the direct OpenGL export, which will render at only a few times the normal running time (depends on your fps value).
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