2021/2022 LDraw.org Steering Committee (SteerCo): List of nominees

2021/2022 LDraw.org Steering Committee (SteerCo): List of nominees
A quick reference to the candidates for the 2021/2022 LDraw.org Steering Committee (SteerCo) election. The information is drawn from the nomination process and corrections are welcome, please email the webmasters.

Candidates are listed by nomination status in alphabetical order by last name and no ranking or endorsement should be inferred from their position on the list. The following table summarizes the status of each candidate in the format:

Nominee name: Nomination Status (Nominator, Second)

Gerald Lasser: Accepted (Johann Eisner, Willy Tschager)
Philippe Hurbain: Accepted (Johann Eisner, Willy Tschager)
Max Martin Richter: Accepted (Johann Eisner, Willy Tschager)
Orion Pobursky: Accepted (Johann Eisner, Willy Tschager)
Willy Tschager: Accepted (Johann Eisner, Travis Cobbs)

Chris W. Dee: Declined (Max Martin Richter, Orion Pobursky)
Johann Eisner: Declined (Max Martin Richter, Willy Tschager)

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