Can't Scale Callout LPUB4

Can't Scale Callout LPUB4
I've been using both the official LPUB from Sourceforge and LPUB compiled by Ramón as mentioned in a previous thread. Here is my issue, I have a set of directions that start with a submodel x2. Then it is finished with the taking the the 2 submodels and connecting them with some additional pieces. (File attached) My issue is that when I do "Add assembled image to parent page", It gives me a callout appropriately on pg 12, counting the cover. The callout is WAY too big, but there is no way to scale it. When I right click on the assembly in the callout, and choose "change scale" the callout doesn't change.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I'm assuming there are some metacommands I put right in the file, but I looked through the list of metacommands from the help menu, and couldn't figure it out.


Chris Eyerly

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