LICreator - problems

LICreator - problems
Hey there!

First and foremost, I find this tool is great!

However, I have some troubles with it.

I have LIC_0.6.0 and LIC 0.9 - only these two I was able to find.

0.9 made my instruction in great 2400x1800 px, which I find great quality.

However, it looses step separators, plus makes trouble in PDF generation. Actually, yesterday I was able to produce PDFs, but today my computer hangs once I start doing that - Windows 10 on Phenom 955 BE with no external graphic card. So I tested it on my second computer, i5 Dell E6410 also with Win10. Same problems - but yesterday it was OK!

So I made whole instruction back again, from ldr file in LIC 0.6.0, but forgot to increase resolution, and default 800x600 produces bad quality.

I though, I will just set FullHD or even these 2400x1800 but then all parts are so small. Worse, PLI are small and when I edit template, it affects part but not frame, which stays small and needs to be clicked and just confirm to 100% scale but on each slide!

LIC 0.9 have troubles with submodels - once I start submodel, saved file cannot be opened again ;(

Either I make something wrong or LiC needs many improvments stll ;(

ps. LiC 0.6.0 works OK for me, but I just would like to import ldr model right into higher resolution...
RE: LICreator - problems
(2016-10-29, 18:24)Krzysztof Skibicki Wrote: I have LIC_0.6.0 and LIC 0.9 - only these two I was able to find.

Get a try at the latest AIOI which comes with LIC 3.0:

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