[MPDCenter] - Bugs and Improvements

[MPDCenter] - Bugs and Improvements
Hi there,

While OMRizing my set collection I found a few "bugs" in MPDCenter.

To reproduce, use the file attached.

Here is what I do:

Right click on 1714 - Surveillance Scooter.ldr -> Set Name: entry to "Surveillance Scooter.ldr"
Right click on the renamed Surveillance Scooter.ldr -> Change description from file name.

Now I want to edit the header :
I set everything in the Header dialog, click "Build new header" and "Apply".
"Do you want to copy athor etc to all other ldr in this mdp?" -> Yes
"Are you sure to copy the below header data to all .ldr files in this mpd-file?" -> Yes
"Should I try to rename now all files for OMR conformity?" -> Yes

Now comes the bugs:

The ldr "Spaceship - Rocket 2 - Light.ldr" got renamed to "1714 Rocket 2Light", instead of the desired "1714 - Spaceship - Rocket 2 - Light.ldr"
It's losing the .ldr, the "Spaceship" and some spaces. I would say this happen if the name has more than one time the "-" character.

The description of the ldr "1714 - Spaceship - Rocket 1.ldr" is now "1714 - Spaceship - Rocket 1" instead of the desire "Spaceship - Rocket 1".
It's keeping the set number. I would say this happen if the name has only one "-" character.

The header is not the same everywhere, the first ldr shows empty lines above and under the !THEME statement while the other subfiles don't. I would put those empty line everywhere to keep the same formatting and also because I find it better for readability.

Now some suggestions:

Could we have an option on right clicking a ldr to move it directly above or under a certain ldr? As MPD center rechecks the OMR conformity each time I click "Up" or "Down" it take ages to move files on large sets.

In order to clean up the file, would it be possible to have always 2 empty lines between ldr files. Meaning that it should remove the existing lines a the end of a ldr whatever how many there are, and only add 2 empty lines.

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Re: [MPDCenter] - Bugs and Improvements
Looks like you forgot the attachment...
Re: [MPDCenter] - Bugs and Improvements

Re: [MPDCenter] - Bugs and Improvements
I've also got a little bug: I've turned backup saving off, which works when I save the file by pressing the save button.
When I try to close MPDcenter, but I have unsaved changes, it gives a warning and asks if I want to save the model before closing. When I tell it to do so, it saves the model and a backup file, even though I turned that off. Not a big deal, but I'd thought I report it anyway Wink
Re: [MPDCenter] - Bugs and Improvements
I have read you post and will come back with a qualify statement. At present I do not have time to do so.
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