Lpub3D povray 3.7 rendering setting

Lpub3D povray 3.7 rendering setting
G'day. I have installed the latest AIO setup and updated Lpub3D. When im using Lpub3d and the renderer as povray, can the rendered pics be of higher detail so to speak. Everything is set as it was installed. the povray selected setting is
[1920x1080 16:9 AA 0.3]

but this gives blocky pixleated images in Lpub3d. So I wondering if I can make them high detail even maybe to the point of realism. I have attached a screen shot where you can see how I would like to change the quality of the lego renders.
Cheers Jono

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Re: Lpub3D povray 3.7 rendering setting
Hello Jono,

Does the attached image show the image quality you expect or what you are currently producing ? For me, the quality in the image is just about what I see when I use POV-ray. Many LDraw parts have a very low tessellation which produce the lines you see in your final image. LPub3D does not perform any SubD processing.

Re: Lpub3D povray 3.7 rendering setting
G'day Trevor
The attached image is the quality it has now and its pretty good. I have in the past rendered lego models and the quality was almost realistic so i got to thinking can Lpub3d tell povray to render with more detail/less tesselation or something like that. Its an awesome idea having povray do the rendering and it does it within a split second compared to LDview and without the microsoft vsual runtime errors.

Re: Lpub3D povray 3.7 rendering setting
Hi, How are you rendering in Lpub3D with POV-ray ... is it referencing lg_colors and lg_elements ? Thx.
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