On the off chance that someone else finds this interesting, I would like to introduce the OpenSDraw builder. This builder is a little different in that it provides a domain specific language for creating MOCs instead of a GUI interface. The language is built on Python, but the language itself is a prefix language like Scheme or Lisp. The project includes a customized editting mode for emacs. The project also includes a GUI part finder, but I'm sure better ones exist. You will probably need to some Python skills to get it to work for you.

The project is here:

The documentation and some examples are here:

This project was inspired by OpenSCAD, a solid 3D CAD modeler, thus the name.

Re: OpenSDraw
Seems like fun, feels a bit like POVRay script to me.

This is a very powerful way of generating LDraw content. I could imagine some of the more experienced part authors using his to generate subpart structures etc.

I've been playing with (realtime) scripted LDraw now and then myself for years using my own tools (LD4DStudio and LDCad) and the only downside I now of is most 'normal' LDraw people wont even bother with scripting/animation as they think it is to complicated.
Re: OpenSDraw
It is pretty similar to POVRay script. Thank you for pointing out that project, I was not familiar with it.

Scripting is a hard sell. I guess this is a niche niche builder, for that small fraction of the population who are fans of scripting, Python and s-expressions Smile.
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