LICreator 0.9.002

LICreator 0.9.002
Now you can download new version of LEGO Instruction Book Creator at

Please, share you comments here. In next version one wish per person will be graded**. I you put more that one I selected only one - randomly. This list will be closed at May 20, 2015 at 20:20

** maximally 10 in total. If I can do it.

Changes related to previous 0.8.501 version Wrote::: Set minimum size of width and height of application
:: Assistant now display properly
:: Fixed group of miscellaneous bugs
:: Key TAB can now work in loop
:: Added ability to re-opening current Instruction book
:: Disable real-time preview for speed-up and avoid crash situation
:: Added the ability to positioning the preview of sub-model from then menu
:: LicColor class can now use colors from LDConfig.ldr file
:: Remember now latest import location
:: Re-organize configuration file
:: Added switch options to monitoring L3P ,POV-Ray activities
:: Added option to restore data source of imported model
:: Added delimitation of the notification area for tool-tip and other
:: Added information about value of current zoom
:: Handling AttributeError exception for:
:: - getPartBoundingBox
:: - callGLDisplayList
:: - renderFinalImageWithPov
:: - updatePersistentIndices
:: Rewritten LicPovrayWrapper class
:: Provided information about license and author
:: Support of custom colors of user /0x, opaque; 0x02, opaque; 0x03, 50% Alpha/
:: Support of invisible color /0x07, 10% Alpha/
:: NOTICE: POV-Ray calls work only on instruction without submodels
Lego isn't just a brand of plastic bricks. It's a lifestyle; and artistic medium.
Re: LICreator 0.9.002
Any list of new features, bug fixes, etc...?
Re: LICreator 0.9.002
Hi Jeremy,

first of all I'd like to include LIC in the AIOI once you get a stable 1.0. These are the things which IMHO need attention (they come at random as I see them) seen from the POV of a casual user. I also think that LIC does a fantastic job with simple models that come just with some basic STEPS but starts to cough when it comes across more complicated files:
  • The CC license should also be shipped as a .txt
  • The Toggle Assistent pop-up should have a closing button in the top right-hand corner as it is not obvious how to get rid off
  • Model -> Toggle Assistent not accessible when no model is loaded while F1 works
  • Have the ability to export just one page as PDF (either current page or number)
  • Save in the folder where the model is stored. Currently they end up in my VirtualStore on Win7
  • A pane which shows the LDraw code underneath
  • Once you edit the template (I moved around the step number and the PLI) there is no menu entry to refresh the pages showing the new setting.
  • Save/Load template somehow broken (the above change couldn't be save or loaded)
  • Reopen produces a "Open Error"
  • Whole template concept should be out-sourced to a Menu -> Setting where you set up your defaults but have the ability to save/load a template if needed
  • LIC doesn't support Buffer-Exchange or MLCad Arrow code and should at least ignore them when it comes across.

  • Oddly there is an empty step

  • Inverts the sequence of my submodel or at least moves the minifig to the end. Since LEGO shows them on the first pages I'd like to mimik that on my BIs
  • I cannot find a setting to adjust the amount of the displacement of a part
  • "Generate images with POV-Ray" grayed out though I have defined all paths. Had to restart the prog twice to get it work
  • Prog crashes on Export

  • I do not think that L3P is a good choice as POV-Exporter. I like the output of LDView much better - and easier to handle.

Bye, w.
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LEGO & LDraw code
I have add A item which shows the LDraw | LEGO code underneath part on part list. I consider where I find database for this. Especially how much time this take to collect informations.
From your point of view - where I should start now.
Lego isn't just a brand of plastic bricks. It's a lifestyle; and artistic medium.
Re: LEGO & LDraw code
This is the most irritating:

* Save in the folder where the model is stored. Currently they end up in my VirtualStore on Win7.

LEGO ergo sum
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