LSynth integration

LSynth integration
Hi all.

One next step in develop JBrickBuilder is to integrate LSynth-like functionalities.
Looking to other models, created with various editors/CAD, I found two strategies:
1- direct use LSynth primitives in model
2- use a special META command, "parseable" by original CAD program, and include a "fall-back" for other editors.

I prefer the second method (used by LDCad, BTW), first requires that editors and viewers have LSynth installed.

But, there is a problem: LSynth is a compiled binary, and JBrickBuilder is Java, that is (or should be) cross-platform. I don't want to maintain three or more version, one for every OS.

So, LSynth is licensed GPLv2, and I'm thinking to port to Java, under a GPLv3 license, as a JAR package.

So I'm asking to developers here if there are objections. Of course, I will clearly include references to original project and developers.

Re: LSynth integration
regarding your question and your answers 1 or 2, I'd like to add:
LSYNTH primitives are never directly used in models normally.
instead, you put LSYNTH placeholders there,
then run the generator which puts the generated stuff, made from LSYNTH primitives, into there.
(I always wanted these primitives to become normal LDRAW primitives.)
MLCad uses a special syntax to switch between the placeholders and the generated stuff.

My suggestion to you would be to use EXACTLY that syntax to avoid re-inventing the wheel.
Re: LSynth integration
Thanks, Steffen.

Now my question is:
there are some document or white paper or "best practice" on using LSynth or, more general, flexible parts in editors? I searched in documentazion and website, but I can't find anything but LSynth tutorials.

Thank you.
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