I'm proud to present ColourSum - a tool for calculate the sum of two hex RGB colours with integrated comparison to LDraw standard colours.
Just remove the .ldr extension ;-)


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Re: ColourSum
Great! And as a by-product, it also gives the closest LDraw color of any RGB value (just enter it in both colors 1 and 2).
What distance do you use? RGB one? Might be interesting to convert RGB color to HSL (see discussion here

What about showing color samples for both initial values?
Re: ColourSum
Yes, I'll try to add an option to pick a colour on the screen and find the nearest LDraw-Colour of it...
Actually the program calculates all distances sqrt((r_1-r_2)^2+(g_1-g_2)^2+(b_1-b-2)^2) between the new calculated colour and the LDraw Colours, looks for the minimum of this distances and compare this minimum with the distance array to find the corresponding colour.
I can try to implement an HSL in/output as well.
Yes, the colour samples for the input values are on my todo list. But then I have to move the 'error check' (6 values, 0-f) must be done while the textbox changes its value or while leaving it. I'll think about. :-)


PS.: Please note, that my programming skills are a bit limited, so that I have to read several pages to get to the right path. :-)
PPS.: I think I'll remove the sqrt. So I can calculate with integers and don't need to convert to double. The result should be the same.
Re: ColourSum
A few interesting links sent by a friend: including a converter
Good luck Wink
Re: ColourSum
Just to add some complexity Big Grin

Take a look to the source of my quick&dirty mosaic app, BrickMosaic.
In file "" there are some references to XYZ and CIE-Lab colorspaces and CIE1994 method to measure "visual distance" between two color.

I tried some algorithm and colorspaces, but CIE-Lab + CIE1994 giving best results.

In source (file
- conversion from RGB to CIE-Lab is in function "RGB2Lab"
- color distance CIE1994 is computed in function "colorDiff_DE1994"
- I used a Java library function to convert a color from RGB to XYZ colorspace, but in source there is a commented function (RGB2XYZ) that do the same.


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