Bricksmith 2.5.1: Little Goodies

Bricksmith 2.5.1: Little Goodies
[Image: icon32.png]

Bricksmith 2.5.1 adds the following features:
  • Show 3D coordinates while hovering mouse
  • Show All command
  • Automatically zooms to fit when opening a file

It also fixes the following bugs:
  • Fixed hang when deleting parts by dragging them out of the window
  • Fixed parsing problems when opening files which do not terminate with 0 FILE
  • Disallow the insertion of circular submodel references
  • Fixed bug in which newly-opened document windows did not automatically become the main window
  • Fixed unexpected viewing angle reset when inserting parts during step display mode
  • Undo works when the Part Browser and Rotate panels are open

Bricksmith 2.5.1 includes a potpourri of bug fixes and small requested features for your enjoyment. It also includes significant under-the-hood changes. Let me know if you find any new bugs.

Bricksmith requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later, and may be download it at <>. It is still both Intel and PowerPC native. I have not run into any problems on Lion either.

Allen Smith
Re: Bricksmith 2.5.1: Little Goodies
Allen it's great to see you still at it. I'm not using OS X any longer but it's very comforting to know your still developing. You have wonderful program, keep up the good work.
OS = Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (64bit)
Re: Bricksmith 2.5.1: Little Goodies
Ohhhhh.... I've just been working on some new models... I'll have to upgrade tonight!

Chris Eyerly
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