64806 part(need help)

64806 part(need help)
I work on this part. It is converted from LDD. I need edges and condlines. In shape from LDD they are not great, and I played around with edger2 tool, but didn't get a great result.

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Re: 64806 part(need help)
Yes, this part is tough.
First, it is NOT symmetrical, so you should not subpart it in halves. Problem is that it doubles the condlines/edgelines selection work!
Then some highlight lines seem indeed missing, eg. around the mouth.
Start from the original LDD shape (the existing edge lines are good and valuable), run Edger2 with the options -ac 10, -ae 90, -dc to delete condlines.
You'll get the result attached (shapeout.dat). There are green edgelines everywhere the angle between facets is within 10°..90°. Now is the TEDIOUS part... Using MLCad, select all the (green) edge lines you want to keep and change their color to color 24. When you're done, delete all green elements, are run again edger2, but this time with -ac 90 to get only condlines.

Another tip for the fur: to keep some hair texture there (smooth shading tend to flatten things excessively), use the -cx options to create condlines only on convex areas. Problem is that this treatment should be applied only to fur area, requiring that you first painstakingly separate fur area from the rest of the part.

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