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(2018-01-15, 18:28)Roland Melkert Wrote:
(2018-01-15, 18:23)Merlijn Wissink Wrote: I've got about 6fps on my GTX1070, but according to Task Manger (ok, probably the best monitoring tool Tongue) gpu usage is 'only' about 50%. Any reason for that?

Probably because it's hitting a bottleneck due to the insane amount of triangles.

But what would be the bottleneck then? cpu usage sits at about 10%, ram usage is about 700MB (16GB available) and vram usage is about 200MB (of the 8GB available).
RE: Datsville
I created a higher resolution render and uploaded it here:



The image is 16384x8192px split into 128 smaller images.


The render is currently hard to use in a phone, so I recommend a tablet or desktop.
RE: Datsville
I have a faster computer now, and was navigating through Datsville using LDView's "Walk" mode, and have to say the experience is really, really cool! You should try it!


I get about 2.5 FPS currently. I should be upgrading my video card sometime this year and will hopefully at least double that amount.


In the meantime, if someone who has a powerful video card right now could record themselves exploring the town at "eye level", and upload the subsequent recording to YouTube, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
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