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Download it here:



Most changes since the previous release are "under the hood". I made the file headers uniform and filled in missing information. I de-inlined a number of sub-models. I made sure only parts used the DAT extension. There should be no change in outward appearance, so the previous town map still is accurate.


Here's the project's Facebook page:

Could some with a powerful computer please render this POV-Ray file for me? I keep running out of RAM. The screen resolution should be 1600x1200.




Never mind. There are issues I need to resolve with the model first that are preventing the render from completing.
Let's try this again...

If anyone has the time and hardware, could you please render this POV file at 1080p? Thanks!!


Also if you have any tips on improving the scene, I would like to hear them!
Would be great if you tell us which files we need additionally to download from:

In the include file there are three lines with that link as reference.
#include "CIE.inc"            // http://www.ignorancia.org/en/index.php?page=Lightsys
#include "lightsys.inc"            // http://www.ignorancia.org/en/index.php?page=Lightsys
#include "lightsys_constants.inc"    // http://www.ignorancia.org/en/index.php?page=Lightsys

I can only guess what I should download.
So please add a little bit more description what i need to download. After I got that information I try. Smile
I had to reinstall it to:

It needs the main download, just drop the contents of the LightsysIV inside the zip alongside to the ldview pov script.

But it also needs lgeo color defs, and I can't find those (we really need to fix the download section).

@Michael Horvath: Maybe you could just zip the whole thing in the future so it works out of the box on a clean povray env.
Ah, yes. It requires LightSys and LGEO.

LightSys: http://www.ignorancia.org/en/index.php?page=Lightsys

LGEO: http://www.digitalbricks.org/lgeo.html

I also have these lines in POV-Ray's QUICKRES.INI file:


You'll have to change the lines to however your system is set up as you may not have the same folder structure as I do.

I don't think I did anything special in addition to this.
The file you need to download is lightsys4c.zip (392Kb) from here:


I haven't used any of the "extras" listed below it.
It still won't render for me, it's missing the *_slope material identifiers.
Roland Melkert Wrote:It still won't render for me, it's missing the *_slope material identifiers.

I'll look into it. Thanks!
I think I've fixed the issue. You can download the new archive here:


This time I've included everything needed to render "ldview_povray_datsville_rev369.pov". The only thing you need to do is switch over to the provided INI file in POV-Ray. Do this by selecting "Render" > "Edit Settings/Render" > "Browse", then find "ldview_povray_render_settings.ini" using the "Choose INI File" dialog. Lastly click "Save" or "Render" and return to the main window.

The problem with zipping everything together however is that the LightSys and LGEO libraries do not belong to me, and therefore I am really not supposed to redistribute them. :|
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