Ldview still pops up even after closed it.

Re: Ldview still pops up even after closed it.
Is there some way to start the indexing manualy?

I was playing with the buttons with the attached model one of my MOCs in LDview.
It was recreated in MLcad some time ago from the actual Lego model.
Before starting LDview the computer used 39% of physical memory. With LDView running on High memory usage it only use 40%. But it Crash. One of the things i did to make a crash was Click on wireframe button. Turn on Remove hidden lines. and then click on Seams. then it crash.
In Task manager with all showing the LDview using 71K showing this model and just 40% memory usage on the computer
Under work it have only hit 114KB
To me it looks like it just crash, not in the case of out of memory. If it not have some internal processes that not shows in Task manager and Resouce monitor. After the crash and loading the model and try to return back to normal makes crashes. even setting the memory back to low Crash.

On low setting it just hits 63KB showing the model.
P.S after the uninstall of LDview and reinstall i still have the white background. Shoud it not have beem black if that is the default color. This time im shure i have not changed the color.

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