Ldview still pops up even after closed it.

Re: Ldview still pops up even after closed it.
The problem with tracking the file is that i did not know it was running, and the error just popped up and told me there was a problem in ldraw and needed to be closed. No way to see where it was or what it did. Is there some way i can see it?
I think the setting you told me to change had been changed on my work computer before I uninstalled it. It was more or less default beside the low setting on memory.

A new challange on the problem. On my home laptop computer i have upgraded the Ldraw with AIO install. Have not turned the indexing on. And i think i have on had any of this earlier on this computer. But after the install I got aware of the activity when inserted a USB memory stick. My cursor had the working symbol next to it flashing on and off ,but i could work. I checked task manager and found a program not related to Ldraw i think ,using resouces. Closing that, I suddenly got message from Ldraw that it must close. 2 times as always.

It looks like the new install have enabled indexing even when it was turned off. Not choiced in the screen. I only reinstalled upon the old. Not remove the old files. But if it was not set at first it should not have been enabled on new install? I was only interested in some additional content in the AIO install this time.

After i wrote my previous message i had to install Ldraw at work computer again after the complete uninstall. This time i didi not check for indexing. So i will see if i get the problem again.
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