Micro ball and socket parts

Micro ball and socket parts
Hi all,

[Image: 9345659494_c87bf58fbe.jpg]
Tiny ball joints. by Genghis Don, on Flickr

I'm so excited about the new ball and socket parts I made them for LDraw today so LDraw users can started with them early.

[Image: 9347977958_0896fa274f.jpg]
Ball and socket by gambort, on Flickr


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.dat   sock1.dat (Size: 4.13 KB / Downloads: 9)
.dat   ball1.dat (Size: 356 bytes / Downloads: 8)
.dat   PlateSS.dat (Size: 974 bytes / Downloads: 5)
.dat   PlateSB.dat (Size: 734 bytes / Downloads: 3)
.dat   PlateS.dat (Size: 635 bytes / Downloads: 4)
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