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Full Version: Micro ball and socket parts
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Hi all,

[Image: 9345659494_c87bf58fbe.jpg]
Tiny ball joints. by Genghis Don, on Flickr

I'm so excited about the new ball and socket parts I made them for LDraw today so LDraw users can started with them early.

[Image: 9347977958_0896fa274f.jpg]
Ball and socket by gambort, on Flickr

Great new parts indeed! See also http://www.newelementary.com/2013/07/mix...-page.html
Note: socket is not BFCed but carries a BFC CCW tag. This may cause some sections disappear depending on viewer settings. It should either be really BFCed, or use a BFC NOCERTIFY tag...
Should hopefully be fixed now (replaced the attachment). I ran into the BFC/no-lighting problem in LDView and didn't notice the errors until I got red/green working again.

Now Brickset shows slightly other shapes ...

Brickset News

Design-ID 14417
[Image: 6039479.jpg]

Design-ID 14419
[Image: 6039482.jpg]

Design-ID 14418
[Image: 6043639.jpg]

Design-ID 14704
[Image: 6043656.jpg]
Thanks for the numbers. All parts are now up on the part tracker.

Tim I had to hold the parts because of the name.

Small ball is much to vague for me. We can go with ball and size mentioned or if the size fits - with Towball like in the past.

The primitives should be named: "Towball with shaft" and "Towball with reduced shaft"

Same for the sockets: we have the old style that it never made to a primitive and the new one. So a good name might be "Towball-Socket".

This naming and the use of primitives in these kind of parts are important in my eyes, as they clearly connection point that can be used later on in connectivity support of any application.

All vintage parts like 3731, 3184, 2508 and maybe 2908, 6540a and a lot more needs to be updated to use the same "ball" primitive. There is a lot to do if we are going to make it good IMHO.
Hi Mike,

No problem with the hold. I had hoped the new names were OK since this discussion had been here for a while, but I totally see your point.

I don't like "towball" because it is too restrictive (names original function, not form) now that the new parts are part of a full friction joint system (with the old parts backwards-compatible). I think there are also slight differences between the old and new ball designs but would need to get ahold of the new parts to check.

Let's try to come up with a standard here:

I favour

ball (8LDU) - like in the new parts and probably future remouldings of the older parts
ball (8LDU) no indent - like in the old parts
socket (8LDU) with friction - like in the new parts
socket (8LDU) without friction type X - like in the old parts (there are several varieties) and possibly future parts

I plan to start working on the older parts soon but hope other people will jump on them too.

Also - we might need a new section in the primitive reference
We will need for sure to have such a new section for this connections.
I am perfectly with you regarding the description you made.

As there are also currently the "ball joint" connection for f.e. Bionicle and Hero parts we need a strong difference to those.

In my personal experience it would not matter if we call it "Towball" also in the future, as I have learned to know what "Towball" means. But you are right, after looking into the dictionary now I know what "Towball" is Smile
If we can get a name to this connection the benefit would be to have it easier to search for matching parts. But that should be only the second aim.
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