Point matching Re: Question about edges

Re: Point matching Re: Question about edges
Hi Guys,

Tim, I'm not sure I understand the algo: are you saying that you can optimize the number of T junction searches by ignoring already-shared points? I think this would not be the case when two properly-shared meshes are connected to each other without proper T-junction removal.

Or did I misunderstand the intent here?

For Michael and Philippe's case, I've been assuming that I will not try to fix T junctions that cannot participate in smoothing because they are not coplanar with a surface, on an edge, or the angle of the two surfaces in question is larger than the global crease angle.

In terms of permformance, I think that only finding T's "on a line" will give a good speed-up if a spatial index is used; I'll post back when I have this running. Finding interpenetration would be much slower (you have to query 'everywhere') but isn't necessary for smoothing.

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