LSynth and MLCAD not happy.

Re: LSynth and MLCAD not happy.
Willy hope this is okay, if not feel free to add or take away as you wish. If there is anything else you need please advise.

You run LSynth and see a Command Prompt box flash (or stay depending on computer speed) stating the following 'C:\Users\(part of your username here) is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. The system cannot find the path specified. and also get No Synthesis as well as the MLCAD dialog box stating "LSynth execution failed!" Possible cause - MLCAD is unable to access the LSynth application folder due to a symbol (ie. @#$%^&*) in your username. Solution - Install MLCAD along with LSynth onto another user account with a standard user name, create an account if needed. If it fixes the problem you can transfer all your files to the new user account (long way) or (short way) you can change your user name properly by following these instructions LINK. You can NOT just change your user name in the user account settings. You need to make a change in the windows registry to change all the associated folders. Applications that are not integrated into the Windows system may need to be re-installed. ie Java Programs.
OS = Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (64bit)
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