8841 - Desert Racer [Technic] (6 models, unfinished)

Re: 8841 - Desert Racer [Technic] (6 models, unfinished)
Max Martin Richter Wrote:Well, I just got a real copy of this nice set a couple of days before ;-)

I have it since my childhood. Smile

Quote:How did you bent the 8 long axle for the rollover cage? It looks really good so far.

With LSynth, the code's in the file (at the end), see here too:

For the exact angles, I made the calculations assuming all 3 axles would have the same curvature radius, and only the parts outside the grey pieces would be bent. (Well, not calculations, but drew it in GeoGebra to get the numbers.)

Quote:But IMHO there is a second rear attachment for the tractor for the real model, isn't it?

Yes, both are included in the model, just change the "Parallel plough" line to "Line plough".
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