parts tracker: "BFC rationalisation"

parts tracker: "BFC rationalisation"
This post explains the small history line "BFC rationalisation" which appears
in the bunch of updated official files that Chris just has uploaded to the PT for me, thanks, Chris!

I had recently done a systematic syntax check of all currently official files.
Through this I discovered these files having some common glitches, which I ironed out.
They were:

(a) appearance of header elements throughout the file, mostly due to inlining relicts, e.g. "Name: xyz" or "BFC CERTIFY CCW"
(b) repeated BFC CERTIFY statements throughout the file (probably due to MLCad save operation)
© changing of winding from CW to CCW or vice versa inside the file (usually a result of inlining)
(d) other syntax errors
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