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parts tracker: "BFC rationalisation" - Steffen - 2012-10-16

This post explains the small history line "BFC rationalisation" which appears
in the bunch of updated official files that Chris just has uploaded to the PT for me, thanks, Chris!

I had recently done a systematic syntax check of all currently official files.
Through this I discovered these files having some common glitches, which I ironed out.
They were:

(a) appearance of header elements throughout the file, mostly due to inlining relicts, e.g. "Name: xyz" or "BFC CERTIFY CCW"
(b) repeated BFC CERTIFY statements throughout the file (probably due to MLCad save operation)
© changing of winding from CW to CCW or vice versa inside the file (usually a result of inlining)
(d) other syntax errors