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Allen Smith Wrote:There's no such thing as a step "inside" a texture. There are textures inside steps. This should make sense, as everything in a model must be in a step (even if it's only an implicitly 1-step model).

Interesting. I hadn't considered looking at the file like that (probably because I rarely use the STEP command), but yeah, that makes sense.

Quote:So now the question is whether either of those steps contain illegal statements. In my opinion, they don't. Step #1 definitely doesn't. We already know that TEXMAP can end when it runs out of scope at the end of a file, so it's perfectly legal (though unsightly) to have a START which isn't balanced by an END.

Step #2 is more debatable. However, in the spirit of how LDraw works, unrecognized type 0 lines devolve into comments. Since neither line in Step #2 has meaning without being prefaced by a TEXMAP START, I consider them stray junk in the file rather than parsing errors.


That seems reasonable. And if you encountered this:

0 !: <geom1>

then all three blocks of geometry will be rendered when textures are turned on, but that's fine since it's user-error.
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