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Roland Melkert Wrote:Just on a side note, I don't think using JPEG for textures is a good idea. Compression artifacts would ruin quality at close range.

IIRC, the standard says to allow either JPEG or PNG, but I've always consistently used PNG files for all the texture mapping I've been doing. For what that's worth. I guess I agree with you, Roland.

The beauty of using Illustrator to create vector art and then output an intermediate PNG as texture is that if there is artifacting, it can usually be greatly reduced by simply outputting the texture at a higher resolution (the higher the better, subject to whatever size limitations you may want to keep on yourself versus the quality). This way, simpler textures can take up less room, and highly detailed textures more room, for required better quality.

Changing the colors in the texture also becomes pretty straightforward.

-- joshua
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