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Tim Gould Wrote:I don't think it should be part of the official spec at all. I'm happy to see a texture mapped part library out there, and I'd be happy to see it linked to from the official parts library, and I'd probably download it. But I think that the parts library would be diminished by adapting a limited subset of the format, and I think that the library would be at risk adopting an external format.

The problem with adapting or adopting it officially is that, for editors and viewers that don't support the metas, the parts would reduce to their blank version. Which is far from ideal. Better, IMO, to keep the official library to those parts that work on any LDraw compatible editor/viewer, but allow people to go outside for the texture mapped parts.


This problem could be fixed if MLCAD had a software texture mapping renderer added. It IS possible. Smile
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