Color questions (was: 3816ps5 Minifig Leg Right with SW Gunbelt Pattern)

Re: Custom Colors in Patterned Parts
DO NOT use lgeo colors to determine if your parts look right!!! LDConfig is the official color set for making instructions, and LDConfig_Alt is the official color set for rendering. Certainly not all of the colors are exactly correct in lgeo and not all are correct in LDConfig, but I take all requests to update color values seriously and spend a great deal of time continuously improving color values and adding new colors.

After looking through real parts and pictures of real parts, I found that the color Metallic Gold is the color that you want for 553pb01. LDConfig did not have a good match for this color, which is why you objected to it earlier. Metallics and Pearls are the hardest to match, since they look different at different angles, in different lights, etc. Fortunately, a good picture of a metallic gold part was recently added, which allowed me to better match the color:

I've attached a picture comparing MLCad, LDView, and POV-Ray; as well as the updated LDConfig and LDConfig_Alt used to make these renders.

Please feel free to email me future color change requests, and always try to base your color choices off of real parts / real pictures. Bricklink does a fairly good job of categorizing parts by color:

Scott W.

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