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Full Version: Color questions (was: 3816ps5 Minifig Leg Right with SW Gunbelt Pattern)
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Does anyone know which brown to use for the belt? No brown color I tried fits. How about using custom colors in LDraw files?
Custom (or direct) colours are allowed. See the colours section of the LDraw File Format specification - RGB values using the form 0x2RRGGBB.
You might also want to see the Colour Restrictions section of the official parts restrictions document, because direct colours are only allowed for pattern/sticker geometry.
I thought Daniel was asking about pattern colours.
He was; I just wanted to make sure he was aware that while they're perfectly legitimate in patterns and stickers, they're not allowed anywhere else in official parts.
I'm glad I learned how to make patterns. As of now, i have no intentions in making parts. But thank you anyway.
Is it possible to give a custom color a metallic or reflective look? How does LDraw know that a color is reflective?
The LDraw.org Colour Definition Language Extension allows various finishes to be declared for a color (like chrome, metallic, etc.). The LDConfig.ldr defines all the official LEGO colors, and uses tags to have them have the right flags set. However, it's up to a rendering program to take action based on those flags.

LDView modifies the specular highlight settings for some of the flags (like rubber and chrome), but this is only visible if specular highlight is enabled in LDView, and it doesn't actually make those colors shiny in the traditional since, because LDView doesn't support reflections.

Since a specific color code is used, though, that code can be defined to have the desired properties in POV-Ray, so if you export to POV-Ray, it's possible to get things set up so that the colors behave approximately like desired.
In other words, no.

I can not, let's say, take a custom copper and put in the partfile that this color has a metallic look, so that every user sees the metallic look when he renders it. Did I get that right?

It would be another question if I'd say we need a couple of colors defined in LDConfig that are used for patterns, e.g. the custom brown I used in a couple of patterns, since no other brown color fitted. Or a custom metallic copper to be used in patterns, since the brick copper is too dark.
You cannot put a custom color into an official part, no. You're free to put a custom color definition (0 !COLOUR) into an unofficial part, and then use that colour definition inside the part. You'd want to be very careful about the color code you chose, though. LDView improperly makes all custom color definitions global to the entire model. This isn't correct behavior, and may be fixed at some point in the future, but that's the way LDView behaves right now. Additionally, the only finish flags that LDView recognizes are RUBBER, CHROME, and METAL, and what it does with those is frankly somewhat lacking.

If you feel that a new custom color definition is needed in order to model an official part, you can request that it be added to LDConfig.ldr. Once that has been done, you can then use the new color code in an official part.

So unfortunately, I think the basic answer to your question right now is, mostly, no.
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