Color questions (was: 3816ps5 Minifig Leg Right with SW Gunbelt Pattern)

Re: Custom Colors in Patterned Parts
From these renders, it looks like the background colors (the Dark_Gray plastic and the Copper plastic) also don't match exactly. I have spent a great deal of time matching Dark_Gray as close as possible to the the real color, so I suspect that either the picture does not have a good white balance set, the part is using Dark_Bluish_Gray, or the render does not have good light settings. Any one of these can effect the patterned colors in question.

I can't say that I've spent much time matching Copper exactly, so I can't speak to why the render isn't matching. However, I have attached some screen shots from MLCad, LDView, and POV-Ray of part 553ps2, and they all have a better matching Copper. I've also attached the latest LDConfig that I am using for these renders.

I could not find the 553pb01 part, so I could not experiment with the existing colors. If you send me your part file, I will do that and see if we can find something that works.

Sorry this is such a PITA, but hopefully, we can get solution soon.

Scott W.

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