Screenshots of historic LDraw editors

Screenshots of historic LDraw editors

Long story short, I'm giving a presentation in which I would like to include screenshots of the interfaces of LDraw-related software.

My list currently is:
  • BlockCad
  • BrickFoundry
  • BrickPad
  • Bricksmith
  • brickView
  • Glide
  • Konstructor
  • L3Lab
  • LD4DStudio
  • LDCad
  • Lego Digital Designer
  • LDGlite
  • LDlite
  • LDView
  • LEdit
  • LeoCad
  • LGLite
  • MLCad
  • SR3DBuilder
(I hope I didn't mis-capitalize any of those.)

I was unable to find suitable screenshots for:
  • L3GLite
  • LCX
  • Brickdraw3D

If I have forgotten anything, and you happen to notice it, please let me know.

Also, if you happen to have screenshots of anything I don't already have screenshots for (or happen to still have the software), if you would be so kind as to post a screenshot of it that would be wonderful.

Many thanks,

EDIT: my list is limited to stuff that actually renders the model, so stuff like LPub, LDDP, part author utilities, etc. don't count. Things that only have 2D output like those mosaic/train layout things don't count either. And I left out all the POV-Ray stuff intentionally.

EDIT 2: I just remembered the iOS viewers, those have been added too.

EDIT3: removed voxel3d, not really ldraw.
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