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Full Version: Screenshots of historic LDraw editors
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Long story short, I'm giving a presentation in which I would like to include screenshots of the interfaces of LDraw-related software.

My list currently is:
  • BlockCad
  • BrickFoundry
  • BrickPad
  • Bricksmith
  • brickView
  • Glide
  • Konstructor
  • L3Lab
  • LD4DStudio
  • LDCad
  • Lego Digital Designer
  • LDGlite
  • LDlite
  • LDView
  • LEdit
  • LeoCad
  • LGLite
  • MLCad
  • SR3DBuilder
(I hope I didn't mis-capitalize any of those.)

I was unable to find suitable screenshots for:
  • L3GLite
  • LCX
  • Brickdraw3D

If I have forgotten anything, and you happen to notice it, please let me know.

Also, if you happen to have screenshots of anything I don't already have screenshots for (or happen to still have the software), if you would be so kind as to post a screenshot of it that would be wonderful.

Many thanks,

EDIT: my list is limited to stuff that actually renders the model, so stuff like LPub, LDDP, part author utilities, etc. don't count. Things that only have 2D output like those mosaic/train layout things don't count either. And I left out all the POV-Ray stuff intentionally.

EDIT 2: I just remembered the iOS viewers, those have been added too.

EDIT3: removed voxel3d, not really ldraw.
LDView's home page has a screenshot (although it's actually out of date). If you'd like an up-to-date screenshot (with different toolbar, but everything else pretty much the same), let me know.
I was going to use
http://i.imgur.com/6Kuin.png (the same as the home page)
http://i.imgur.com/GztOf.png (most recent version available, with 8464.mpd by Peter Bartfai loaded (the front-end-loader distributed with it)).
to represent LDView.

Oh, I've been meaning to tell you that the pneumatic parts are misplaced in that model. It appears as though it has succumb to unofficial-part-origin-shifting syndrome because the part in question (2793c01.dat) was last updated in '09:
0 !HISTORY 2009-12-10 [arezey] Compensated origin changes in composing parts
while the model was last updated in '07:
0 Version: 1.0a (20071123)

I attached a somewhat-less-broken version, but I'm sure you could do a better job fixing it than I.
That's quite the customized toolbar on the Mac screenshot. I'll let Peter know about the pneumatic stuff, and see if he wants to fix the model. If he doesn't want to fix it, I'll attempt to do so myself. (Ironically, I do virutally no LDraw modeling, so I might not have the skills needed to get them properly positioned.)

If I remember to update the screenshot on LDView's home page tonight, I'll notify you here.
Travis Cobbs Wrote:That's quite the customized toolbar on the Mac screenshot.
Haha, yup, everything except for the "customize toolbar" button. I was so happy when I realized I had just enough screen real-estate to make it all fit so perfectly.

Travis Cobbs Wrote:If I remember to update the screenshot on LDView's home page tonight, I'll notify you here.
I remember making an animated gif (or was it an APNG) of a small LDView window rotating car.dat a while ago. I might be able to dig it up off an old drive if you'd like it.
Jean-Philippe Ouellet Wrote:I remember making an animated gif (or was it an APNG) of a small LDView window rotating car.dat a while ago. I might be able to dig it up off an old drive if you'd like it.

That would be quite cool, actually. I would like it.
Jean-Philippe Ouellet Wrote:
  • Brickdraw3D
  • Mac Brick CAD

I added Mac Brick Cad and you can find some (small) screenshots here:
this is an interesting thread, and maybe we can have a central page, too,
showing all those screenshots and links to the tools
[quote="Jean-Philippe Ouellet"]
My list currently is:

LDView isn't really an editor, is it? If it still is included in the list, I think Original LDraw should also be, and not only LEdit.

LDView is definitely not an editor. I'm pretty sure L3Lab isn't an editor either. Both have lots of features designed to assist in the editing of parts inside some external program, but neither is an editor.
This is really a list of "stuff that has the capability to display LDraw models" excluding POV-Ray and friends.

and by the way, I often use LDView + a text editor for alot of my LDraw stuff, so sure, it can be functionally used as an editor (especially since polling/auto-reload support was added). Its power and versatility are certainly not to be discounted. Thanks for writing it.
Ah, thanks, I had missed that.

Any chance you have larger images though? Google images isn't very helpful this time, and these are each going on a sheet of 8.5x11 paper. (that is, for the ones I can find.)
I found a copy and ran it, but I couldn't get it to display any models I loaded. It's bricks palette showed my LDraw parts, and it displayed said parts when I selected any given part, but the model itself didn't show.
Here's the link for Brickdraw3D:
Thanks. I saw the site earlier, but I was hoping for a screenshot that showed the interface too, not just the portion of it that outputs the LDraw model. (unless I misunderstand how this program was used).

And would you by any chance have a screenshot of plain old LDraw (with car.dat or something loaded)? I have one for LEdit, but I can't figure out how to get a screenshot of just good old LDraw (all generic "LDraw" searches obviously return tons of stuff about the entire LDraw system, and not about the original program). I would certainly just take one myself, but unfortunately I won't have access to a PC before the presentation.
Here is the page LDView uses for library updates:


A number of the zips and exe URLs in the above include ldraw.exe. As far as I know, the last two items in the list are the last James Jessiman LDraw distribution.
L3glite is just a multi-call binary shortcut for ldglite, so you can safely ignore it.

It was made in the early days when I got tired of running "ldglite -l3" to use Lars' parser instead of the ldlite parser. Eventually I switched ldglite to default to the l3 parser because it's C code and thus easier for me to update for things like new colors than the lex and yacc code of the ldlite parser.
Cool project. Here are screenshots of all the LDraw-compatible programs I could find as of about two years ago, all displaying the same model:


I don't think my list includes anything that isn't already on your list, but feel free to use any of the screenshots if you'd like.

The original site seems to be down at the moment, but a person named Andy Lynch wrote a simple LDraw renderer in Processing. I posted some screenshots here:

Don't forget BrickPad and brickView. They aren't editors, but nonetheless...

Screenshot for BrickPad can be found at http://www.kenrickdrew.com/brickpad/revi...enshot.png

As for brickView, I'll let Renaud provide a screenshot. If he doesn't get around to it, let me know, and I'll put up one.

If you're taking suggestions, the pictures of Mac Brick Cad reminded me of my personal favorite historic ldglite screenshot, on this page that I rescued from the internet memory hole.
I would be happy to see a link posted here pointing to the result.
Will be quite interesting for me here.
I think you should also include BlueBrick http://bluebrick.lswproject.com/

In fact, it just is a specialized editor which can create train track layouts quickly
and then either save them in its native file format, or as *.ldr.

Note that the current official release uses outdated inofficial files.
To be able to properly use the train track parts, you need the ZIP file attached to this post.
I've sent it to Alban already, it will work after the upcoming parts release.