Anything complex I can try? & Heroica bits.

Re: Anything complex I can try? & Heroica bits.
Well Greg, there's still quite a few Star Wars (and other) head/headpieces that are unavailable and should prove to be a challenge. I'm not sure of their LDD availability/quality since I don't use the software, so you'll have to investigate that for yourself.

Some ideas to get you started:
Ewok (Old and New (multiple colorations as well))
Gungan (Old and New)
Geonosian (Old and New)
Watto (Old and New)
Magna Guard
Mon Calamari
Wookie Warrior
Plo Koon
Kit Fisto
Onaconda Farr
Old General Grievous (New one is on PT but needs more votes)
New Yoda (Old one is on PT and is certified)
Bib Fortuna

98099 - ARC Clone Trooper
92742 - ARF Clone Trooper
87557 - Clone Pilot
Clone Trooper (Ep. 2)
Clone Trooper (Ep. 3)
61189 - Clone Trooper w/ Holes
87555 - Rebel Hoth Trooper
64803 - Rebel Commando
61182 - Rebel Scout Trooper
52345 - Luminara Unduli
64797 - Neimoidian Viceroy

OK, I think that's enough for now, but there are plenty more...
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