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Full Version: Anything complex I can try? & Heroica bits.
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Looking for challenging modelling opportunities such as this big wheel. It would help if it is something from a set I might have or get (Technic/Star Wars), or the LDD mesh is reasonably close.

In the interim If no objections and interest in the parts, I'd like to add the Heroica Die Tiles, and weapons to my personal work queue.
Well Greg, there's still quite a few Star Wars (and other) head/headpieces that are unavailable and should prove to be a challenge. I'm not sure of their LDD availability/quality since I don't use the software, so you'll have to investigate that for yourself.

Some ideas to get you started:
Ewok (Old and New (multiple colorations as well))
Gungan (Old and New)
Geonosian (Old and New)
Watto (Old and New)
Magna Guard
Mon Calamari
Wookie Warrior
Plo Koon
Kit Fisto
Onaconda Farr
Old General Grievous (New one is on PT but needs more votes)
New Yoda (Old one is on PT and is certified)
Bib Fortuna

98099 - ARC Clone Trooper
92742 - ARF Clone Trooper
87557 - Clone Pilot
Clone Trooper (Ep. 2)
Clone Trooper (Ep. 3)
61189 - Clone Trooper w/ Holes
87555 - Rebel Hoth Trooper
64803 - Rebel Commando
61182 - Rebel Scout Trooper
52345 - Luminara Unduli
64797 - Neimoidian Viceroy

OK, I think that's enough for now, but there are plenty more...
Hey Greg,

the 94158e and 94158d are available in the LDD; so maybe no challenge?
94158e should be 95050 - MOON STICK.
94158d should be 95049 - SUN STICK.

there is some parts sitting on the PT with "hold" votes currently,
they all need our help getting fixed...
hmmm, heads & helmets, hmmmm.
tried the clone trooper helmet & Kit Fisto (my favorite Jedi).
should probably get my dxf converter going again to tackle those. would be good incentive to do more coding.
also would be good reason to take a second look at the 3d-scanner now that I have an NXT
thanks for the info Rolf. would be good to know if the others have real numbers
that these are in LDD is good, I might have a starting point for the grip which is an obvious subpart for the set.
looking now - glanced at some of the 'Needs Work' last night.
noticed a lot of interiors missing for multi-piece parts that I don't have >_<. I could make something up o_O.
I'll look for the old held stuff. All of mine are sub-parts that got in-lined
Just in case you didn't know it yet: here's the PT tools page
When you click on "file queue", you can see the "oldest" parts
(in terms of when an action happened there last).
Those are probably the ones waiting the longest.
However, I'm not using that tool very frequently. Instead, my workflow is like this:
I look at http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptlist.cgi
and first look at parts which need a second vote to get ready for Admin review.
Then I look for parts which not even got their first vote.
And from time to time, I scroll to the very bottom of that page and run through
some held files listed there, seeing what I can do to help,
as I think there is no use in files being held for years. Instead, the problems
need to get fixed. (There's somewhere a rule saying that if a file is held for some
time, everybody is invited to help solve the problems.
Just be careful to not step on someone's toes.)
In the Parts Tracker Policies it is stated that ater 3 months of no action, anyone is able to take over the development.
even your clikits elements Wink
Hey Greg,

I have some Kid Fisto raw data. Maybe it is interesting for you. But a 3d scan would be mutch cooler!

Hey Greg,

94158f should be 95052 - AXE
94158c should be 95053 - SWORD
94158a should be 95054 - DOLK

Thanks for the tips steffen - I found the list and am going to redo 4212a seeing really close to the last part I did (thought I wrote that last night, but might not have hit the button)
http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptlist.cgi without any args is awesome! I was looking at old activity and checking the status column
yes - even them :-)
Thanks Rolf - this is great seeing as how I haven't fired up LDD in ages!!!
Any chance you have the meshes for the two from your earlier message?
PS the kit fisto file made me laugh, upside-down, and the hard lines look like a mask!
I'll save that for later o_O don't think I'm that good yet (or patient)!!!
Feel free to step on my toes. Any part I add should be considered there for editing by anyone.


94158d should be 95049 - SUN STICK
94158e should be 95050 - MOON STICK

Working 32084 - how's "Wedge 6 x 8 Triple with Cutout 4 x 4" for a new description?