LDraw.org 2023-02 Parts Update Now Available

RE: LDraw.org 2023-02 Parts Update Now Available
(2023-05-14, 21:03)Orion Pobursky Wrote: You bring up an interesting point. The 2.0 author's, John Riley, edit are actually now contained in the subfile which mean this part could probably switch to 4.0. I'm sure there are other parts that fit this bill.

Can this information be found in the metadata? Is there an automated way to find these instances?

I went through the rebrickable database to be able to sort parts by popularity by finding out how often they are contained in official sets (is there a better way?). The top 20 parts that are still CC-BY-2.0 are:

11477.dat 15068.dat 3622.dat 43093.dat 4519.dat 3623.dat 3666.dat 87580.dat 6636.dat 3437.dat 85984.dat 3713.dat 3710.dat 54200.dat 3460.dat 2420.dat 87087.dat 59900.dat 3034.dat 2357.dat

More than half of these files are below 30 lines of code.
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