Official location of ldconfig.ldr file

Re: Official location of ldconfig.ldr file
Tore_Eriksson Wrote:
> Steffen Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > sadly, I cannot reply there (hmmm. is this
> > restricion really necessary?
> NO! It worked just fine without restrictions in
> good ol' Lugnet.

No it didn't. LSC and SteerCo discussion never went on at LUGNET. It always went on in a private mailing list.

> > aren't we cutting out too many people?)
> YES!
> Sorry for yelling...
> /Tore

We're not cutting anyone out who wasn't cut out in the past. The only difference is that all discussion goes on in the same forum rather than having a LUGNET spot and a private mailing list.

Please try to keep to the facts in these issues.

Whether or not we wish to make the LSC and SteerCo discussions open to all is a legitimate question, but one that should be addressed to the SteerCo (who are elected to be responsible for that side of things) rather than to the Webmasters (who aren't).

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