[LDPE] 1.8.62 Released (bugfix for PrimGen2, bugfix for TEXMAP)

RE: RSS feed for new releases
(2022-09-19, 19:56)Nils Schmidt Wrote: There was an update script, but I don't support this anymore. The effort for this feature does not justify its benefits.
You can subscribe to my RSS feed on sourceforge, if you like! (I know, I know, the kids do not use RSS these days Wink )


Why I don't implement this: The auto-updater should be able to replace an existing installation in a secure manner, which is not so trivial!
LDPE is not a single file, which you can replace easily, it comes with a standalone runtime and additional native libraries.

perhaps a simple script to check the RSS for a new version and notify? with the ability to disable update checks as well.
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